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Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry
Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Emergencies For Kids
Marysville, WA

children playing soccerLife happens. We here at Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry may know that better than many. Dental emergencies happen all the time, especially with the unpredictability that can accompany kids of all ages. If there is a sudden problem, we are more than happy to help you and your family to find the best solution. No matter the issue, we are here to help! For a parent, though it is easy to panic, you must remain calm for your child’s sake, and call us as soon as possible. We can direct you from there on what is the best course of action for you and your child.

I Don’t Know Where to Start

Dealing with a dental emergency can be scary and quite stressful, particularly if you have never dealt with one like it before. It is common for kids to chip or crack teeth, bite their tongue, or even get a tooth knocked out. Things happen. First, it is important to stay calm. Children are highly impressionable, and if you panic, you can bet they will too. If your child is in pain, rinse their mouth with cold water. The cold temperature will soothe the ache, and if there is blood, it will be flushed from their mouths as well. Place a cold compress on any tenderness. This will also help with any pain your child suffers, and keep swelling to a minimum. After these precautions are taken, call us to see what to do next. We will walk you through the process.

If They Lose a Tooth, Can it be Restored?

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to restore a tooth that has been knocked out in some event. If this happens to you, take the steps listed above. Then, rinse the dislodged tooth with water. Do not try to clean it or scrub it in any other way, just water. Then, place the tooth either in the pocket between your teeth and your cheek, or place it in a container of milk or your saliva. It is essential that it remains moist until it can be placed back into their mouth. Also, when handling the tooth, be careful not to touch the roots! Handle only the crown, or top, of the tooth.

Your dental professional will then assess if it can be repositioned and will do so if possible. Often, a root canal is necessary after the re-implanting of the tooth. Other times, a tooth is dislodged rather than lost. In these cases, they are often repairable with a splint rather than a root canal.

If you are lost or confused, give us a call today at 360-659-8100, 360-863-8700, 425-367-4149, 360-339-8000. We can help you straight away if an emergency takes place. A good tip to avoid this from happening would be to wear a mouthguard during any physical or contact-heavy activity. This can keep teeth from shifting or banging together just so that one is dislodged or broken.

Sports are not the only place where accidents happen, so if you are in need of dependable, caring help, call us today. If you are in need of immediate medical attention after our hours of operation, please seek help in an emergency room!

We Look Forward To Meeting You

Our front office staff is happy to discuss our services with you. Our dentists are here to serve your children and teens. For more information, contact one of our multiple Seattle area offices.


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